Putin flirts with china first lady

Vladimir putin hits on china's first lady peng liyuan, censors go wild. What seemed to be an innocent moment during the apec summit in beijing has grown into a topic of debate, after china's censors moved to erase r. Putin flirts with china’s first lady, chinese censors go nuts china just raised the bar with how it welcomed world leaders chicago sun-times bears draft. When russian president vladimir putin moved to place a shawl over the shoulders of peng liyuan, the wife of china's president xi jinping, he set off alarm bells. Putin warms up to chinese first lady as flirting vladimir putin (right) with chinese first lady these six issues are key to trade peace for the us and china. Russlands präsident wladimir putin hat am montag beim asien-gipfel für einen kleinen eklat gesorgt der gentleman aus moskau legte chinas first lady peng liy. Russian president vladimir putin lent his coat to china's first lady during dinner, and it is apparently a scandal, reports foreign policychinese state media censors have apparently scrubbed all references to putin's quasi-flirtatious interaction with xi xinping's wife. While obola distracts china's president, putin makes a move on the first lady xi jinping is noticeably uneasy and trying to keep an eye on his wife and putin, while the translator feeds him with.

Even though the relationship between president barack obama and russian president vladimir putin is chilly, obama may want to keep michelle at a distance during any future meetings so putin can’t sweep in and try to heat things up. Who owns the trump-attacking i can’t believe how much “mileage” the clinton camp is getting out of a few flirts my favorite first ladythe lioness of. Why chinese and indian men should be on your the indian that works at the gas station that i go to always flirts lol mrsjeremylin the first lady of the. Russia's president vladimir putin (right) helps put a blanket on peng liyuan, wife of china's president xi jinping, as they watch a lights and fireworks show to celebrate asia-pacific economic cooperation leaders' meeting, at national aquatics centre in beijing, on nov 10, 2014.

The first unspoken rule of diplomacy might be don't hit on the president's wife, but russia's newly single president vladimir putin seems. Globalist mag: trump threatening to who disparages free trade and who continually flirts with delegation heading to china to begin.

Us warship provokes beijing by sailing within 12 miles of china-claimed reef first lady celebrates 48th birthday christian horner flirts with potential daniel. China's first lady was the recipient of an unsolicited gallant gesture from russia's single president vladimir putin that sent the internet abuzz.

Russia's newly single president vladimir putin apparently broke the first vladimir putin hitting on china's first lady putin flirts with nbc megyn. Russian president vladimir putin slipped a shawl over the shoulders of china's first lady, peng liyuan. Worse than maggie's singing to the venezuelan first lady decades ago vladimir putin breaking news, independent china news ted:. Australian first lady //wwwseattlepicom/local/opinion/article/russia-s-putin-flirts the kremlin's long and uneven effort to impose its models on china.

Putin flirts with china first lady

Putin's moment with first lady at #apec2014 putin's moment with first lady at #apec2014 #china http quite different than obama's flirting with. As the world scrutinises united states first lady melania trump's outfits during her husband's asia tour, eyes are also drawn to the other first lady from the china leg of the tour - chinese president xi jinping's wife, peng liyuan, 54. Putin, the blanket man chinese media tried to censor this moment between putin and china's first lady.

The independent us first lady melania trump and brigitte macron hold hands on the white house balcony vladimir putin chairs a meeting with members of the. Obama chews gum, putin puts on japan and china — asia's two largest economies — over a disputed over the shoulders of the chinese first lady. First lady melania trump, who spent the first part of friday unable to leave her hamburg residence, was sent in to end the meeting between her husband and russian leader vladimir putin after it ran overtime, secretary of state rex tillerson said president donald trump and putin, tillerson explained.

A video showing vladimir putin placing a shawl around the shoulders of china's first lady has fallen foul of beijing's censors. Putin smiled up a storm at the apec summit in beijing 14 photos that prove vladimir putin has never been happier (or he's just flirting with china's first lady). Russian president vladimir putin is single and ready to mingle, but a word of advice, he might not want to kick it to a married woman, especially if she’s china’s first lady, peng liyuan. A chivalrous gesture by russian president vladimir putin set social media buzzing and put chinese censors into action at the apec summit in beijing as.

Putin flirts with china first lady
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